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Intensive Couples Therapy for Busy people:
Relationship Mapping

Relationship Mapping is an innovative concept in couples therapy that involves creating a visual representation of your relationship dynamics.

Our intensive therapy experience gives you a unique relationship perspective by meeting with you several times over the course of a week. Mapping helps to identify current patterns and potential future issues, offering a proactive approach to relationship management.

While several intensive marriage retreats are available to couples in Los Angeles and California, Relationship Mapping provides transformative experiences for busy people who want help without having to travel or take two consecutive days off.

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What Is An Intensive Couples Therapy Workshop or Retreat?

Many couples wait, on average, six years before they feel they should try marriage counseling, and at that point, even a traditional intensive marriage retreat might be too little, too late.

Traditional intensive marriage counseling workshops are ideal for couples in crisis who are experiencing significant distress. They also seem to work best for those who want to work on a specific problem area, such as infidelity.

These are formulated as intensive weekend couples retreats and provide uninterrupted time to focus on marriages and relationships. Intensive marriage retreats are often costly, as the overhead and expenses for location-based intensive therapy quickly add up.

Unlike traditional therapy, which occurs once a week, a couples immersive experience such as ours takes place with less time between sessions. The concentrated time spent together, along with an increase in the frequency of contact with a skilled therapist, can make it a good move for couples looking for a practical approach. In particular, intensive marriage retreats are well suited to relationship crises or couples in high distress.

Relationship Mapping for Stronger Bonds: A Couples Therapy Workshop

Our Relationship Mapping immersive experience will work with your busy schedule in mind. It's an intensive therapy experience that occurs in a short period—five or six hours over a week, scheduled around your availability. This efficient approach is great news for busy couples, empowering you to take control of your time and resources without sacrificing a weekend.

As with traditional couples therapy, our intensive program involves working with a couples therapist who specifically identifies current patterns and future problems. This personalized approach ensures that your unique relationship dynamics are fully understood and addressed, providing the support you need.

We work collaboratively over a series of 50-minute sessions to fully understand your relationship dynamics.

At the end of the experience, we will provide you with your relationship map, which will help you identify the current state of your relationship and better understand any difficulties you may be having or may have in the future.

Our goal is to save couples the expense of a couples retreat or long-term commitment to weekly sessions of couples counseling.

What Do You Get With Relationship Mapping: An Intensive Marriage Counseling Experience?

Our Relationship Mapping intensive offers a concise yet powerful alternative to traditional marriage counseling. In just a few focused sessions, which we will schedule around your commitments, our expert therapists guide you to:

  • Help us visually represent your relationship journey on a detailed "map."

  • Identify current strengths and growth areas in your marriage.

  • Uncover critical insights from your individual histories and couple's story.

  • Receive a personalized action plan to nurture your bond based on our assessments and work together.

  • Provide recommendations for what type of therapy is appropriate for you, including family therapy or ongoing marriage counseling.

How Our Relationship & Marriage Counseling Intensive Works

Whether you're a newlywed couple, have hit a rough patch, or want to deepen your connection, Relationship Mapping and our immersive experience can help. Our goal is to fast-track your growth to a happy marriage or relationship as a couple.

Devised by an experienced marriage therapist and utilizing evidence-based techniques from the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Our intensive couples counseling experience is geared toward busy couples. An experienced marriage therapist devised it using evidence-based techniques from the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and Family Systems Theory.

Our goal is to make you feel hopeful about the future you see with your spouse or partner over several hours rather than months.

During the intensive counseling, part of our time is focused on getting a detailed relationship history. This benefit for most couples is that it can tease out potential causes for any decrease in relationship satisfaction. It can also indicate future issues or relationship problems. By exploring key or 'nodal' events in each of your lives, we can identify their possible impact on the quality and nature of your relationship. So, after only several hours of couples counseling, you can see and think about your relationship from a new and more global perspective.

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Before we meet for the first session, you'll complete an in-depth questionnaire designed for married couples or people in a long-term relationship. This is a crucial part of our process, as it helps jump-start insights and provides a comprehensive understanding of your relationship dynamics before we begin our work together.

Couples Interview:

You will then both meet with a licensed marriage and family therapist to discuss your relationship goals and history. This is a traditional couples interview in which we will focus you on current dynamics any patterns in behaviors or concerns you have.

Individual Sessions:

You will then separately meet with a trained to discuss your relationship goals and history. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you, your family of origin and past relationship history.

Feedback and Map Presentation

In our final couples counseling session, you will receive your custom Relationship Map. Along with it, you get a breakdown of our findings and tailored recommendations to enrich your marriage. You are welcome to continue working with our team or to find other therapists closer to you for weekly therapy. We will help you with recommendations and suggestions.


  • Our intensive marriage counseling therapy helps you gain a big picture of your relationship patterns.

  • In the hourly sessions, you'll find that our couples therapy approach enables you to identify blind spots and hidden issues in your relationship.

  • Our map gives you a way to visualize a healthy path forward as a couple in daily life.

  • Invest in your marriage in an efficient, impactful way, in conjunction with or separate from your therapist

  • Save money on long-term couples therapy and or an expensive couples retreat.

  • Understand what steps you need to take for a more fulfilling relationship.

Why Choose a Relationship Mapping Marriage Intensive:

  • Many couples will find the concentrated format achieves months' worth of progress in a few sessions

  • More affordable and time-efficient than long-term marriage counseling and hourly sessions.

  • Our skilled therapist's holistic approach helps you examine your relationship in the context of your full lives because we use a family systems perspective.

  • You will leave with clarity and an expert-designed roadmap to a stronger marriage or committed relationship.

  • Understanding Relationship Dynamics Through Mapping: Visual relationship maps clarify past, present, and future relationship dynamics, guiding couples toward more profound understanding.

  • Addressing Pain Points and Finding Solutions" By mapping out relationship types and connections, couples gain insights into unresolved issues and explore practical solutions in therapy.

  • Planning for Growth and Future Succes: Identifying current relationship challenges allows couples to proactively address potential obstacles and develop plans for future growth.

  • Empowering Connections Through Relationship Mapping: Visualizing relationship patterns, growth opportunities, and mutual goals strengthens bonds and fosters communication in couples therapy.

  • Recognizing Relationship Connectivity for Early Intervention: Recognizing the importance of seeking therapy early helps address conflicts and disconnections in relationships before they escalate.

  • Maximizing the Benefits of Relationship Mapping: Explore how Relationship Mapping effectively addresses relationship challenges, offering quick results in therapeutic settings.

  • Leveraging Visualization for Enhanced Insights: Empower yourself with insights into potential challenges, fortify connections, and adapt to strengthen relationships through visual mapping.

  • Fostering Communication and Collaboration: Identify key influencers, optimize communication channels, and promote collaboration to build a more cohesive and supportive relationship.

Other Questions About Intensive Couples Therapy

Why should I try Relationship Mapping?

If you are concerned about the same old traditional weekly therapy routine that seems to drag on forever or if you are struggling to find a specialist nearby who truly understands your unique needs, consider relationship mapping. Instead of settling for the same old pattern of sessions spread out over months, why not try something more intensive and advanced?


Imagine receiving the tools and support you need to make real progress in your marriage or relationship in a fraction of the time. With this comprehensive approach, you can complete the necessary steps to improve your relationship in a shorter timeframe. No more waiting months to see results. Couples who engage in intensive counseling see significant improvements and save time. It's time to be honest with yourself and take a step towards a better future.

What Is A Marriage Intensive Therapy Program?

A marriage intensive or couples intensive is a period of therapy over a short time. Intensive couples therapy, also known as a marriage intensive, is a focused counseling period where licensed therapists work with you and you to address deep-rooted issues in your relationship. Unlike traditional counseling sessions that last around 50 minutes, intensive therapy allows for longer, more in-depth sessions over a shorter period of time.

Why Choose Intensive Couples Therapy?

Intensive therapy offers a more advanced approach to addressing problems in your relationship. By choosing intensive treatment, you can save time and instantly see results. Instead of waiting months for progress, intensive therapy allows you to receive the support and tools you need to quickly

How Does Intensive Couples Therapy Work?

During intensive therapy, therapists use proven models and tools to help couples identify relationship issues such as patterns and behaviors that are causing conflicts. By entirely focusing on these issues over an extensive period of time, it becomes obvious what changes need to be made to strengthen the relationship.

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