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 Relationship Mapping
A New Type Of Couples Intensive Workshop:




Relationship Maps Help Us See How Everything Connects

Just like a road map gives us a sense of direction and a path to follow, our visual relationship maps orient us to where we are in our romantic relationship and give us insights into where we've been and what might be lying ahead of us in the future.

Understand How Your Past and Family Impacts You

Just as a map shows us where we've been and the path we've traveled, our relationship maps offer a visual representation of your relationship history. This helps you understand the influence of your family of origin and past relationships on your present self.

By identifying the key figures in your family and the impact of your earliest relationships, you gain valuable insights into how these factors shape your current relationship dynamics. A relationship map highlights these important aspects of your past, showing how they may be affecting your present relationships.


Find Pain Points from the past & Create Solutions

Find Pain Points or Blocks and Create Solutions

A real road map provides a clear picture of your current location, surroundings, and important information about your journey. Similarly, our relationship mapping approach considers your current relationship status and interaction patterns that might need attention.

We chart different types of relationships, identifying strong connections and areas that may require further understanding and improvement. This helps you recognize and address any pain points or blocks in your relationship.


Identify Growth Points and Plan for the Future

Tools like Google Maps or Waze inform us about potential future challenges, such as traffic conditions or road closures, and offer alternative routes to navigate around them. Our relationship maps serve a similar purpose by identifying potential future issues in your relationship, allowing you to address them proactively.

Our process includes a comprehensive assessment that uses evidence-based practices to gather detailed information. This helps you visualize and understand relationship issues, enabling you to take preventive measures before they escalate, and to plan effectively for a healthier future together.


Unlock Relationship Communication

Effective communication is the key to a strong relationship. With Relationship Mapping, you can unlock better communication through active listening, empathy, and structured support. Start your journey to better communication today.


Check YOUR Relationship's


Wondering how to maintain a healthy relationship? Relationship Mapping helps you identify and resolve conflicts by understanding your past and creating a roadmap for the future. Discover the secrets to a thriving partnership.


SEE WHAT Your Future Together MAY HOLD

Are you curious about what the future holds for your relationship? Relationship Mapping provides insights and tools to navigate your relationship's path, ensuring a strong and happy future together.


Many couples typically wait about six years before seeking help from a couples counselor.

Our Relationship Mapping Workshop is tailored to address this delay by helping you pinpoint challenges within your relationship. Relationship mapping is a therapeutic tool that visually represents the often complex relationships a couple has. It simulatneously gives us crucial relationship details about current dynamics, while offering a clear roadmap for areas requiring attention and potential growth.

In relationship mapping, we integrate each partner's past experiences, family background, and relationship strategies with their present interactions. This understanding allows us to see how both partners relate to each other and to identify growth opportunities as well as foreseeable challenges.

Our team of therapists will guide you and your partner through a series of sessions complemented by comprehensive assessments to ensure we achieve a detailed understanding of you. This process involves evidence-based clinical assessments and interview techniques to accurately capture the current state of your relationship.

During these sessions, we will help you discover and recognize patterns and issues that may have raised concerns. Additionally, we aim to highlight aspects of your relationship that may need more focus. By the end of our sessions, you will not only receive a detailed relationship map but also insights into potential areas for growth and aspects that deserve more attention in your relationship.


RELATIONSHIP MAPPING (Instagram Post) (3).png

There are four steps to our relationship mapping workshop, each is about an hour long, and we work around your schedule to fit them into a period of a week or ten days.

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Before we meet, we will provide you with our assessment package which you fill in and return to us.


We will then analyze and score this, before incorporating the data into the Relationship Map.


Feedback & Map


Couples Interview

In our first session, you will meet two of our trained therapists, who will get to know you, your concerns about your relationship, crucial insights into your relationship's past, and any other relevant information we need.


Solo Interviews

Next, a member of our team will meet with you individually as part of our data collection activity, it helps us to do this to understand more about your family of origin, critical relationships in the past, and any other information about your or your network that has a direct influence on you today.

Our team will then analyze all the information we've gathered about your adult relationships from the interviews and enhance this data and the connections we've made from your assessments. We'll put all our insights and ideas together and create your map.

Before we finish, we will provide you with a copy of the Relationship Map along with a breakdown of our understanding of your relationship patterns.  We will also explain what it all means enabling you to leave with insight and ideas about the efforts you might want to take in the future.

With an accurate relationship map in hand, you will also receive a comprehensive breakdown of our findings, and resources to further your relationship education and answer any questions 

If you enjoy your experience with us, you're more than welcome to continue working with one of our trained therapists, and we can also send you recommendations for other clinicians and couples counselors in your area.


Four Sessions On Your Schedule

A Visual Map Of 
Your Relationship

Expert Recommendations
To Guide  You

No Commitment
To Continue

We know how busy you are so have designed this to take only a few hours of your week.

Get some instant clarity on your relationship and what you need to focus on

Leave with our guidelines and recommendations for areas to improve on. 

Continue working with us, or take the results to your current therapist or a new one!

Relationship Mapping:
Learn how your life and relationships connect.


Relationship Mapping: The Tools for Now and Your Future

Relationship mapping is a powerful tool that couples can use to strengthen their bond, improve communication, and create a shared vision for their future together. By combining a timeline of your journey as a couple with a thorough assessment of your relationship's strengths and growth areas, you can gain valuable insights and make intentional choices to nurture your connection.

​The art of mapping relationships means this process is not just about reflecting on the past, but also about actively shaping the present and future of the relationship. Through

relationship mapping - what it does

Many couples wait an average of six years before seeking therapy, allowing problems in relationships to fester and worsen over time. It's like putting a bandage on a wound and ignoring the need for proper care and healing. Some couples experience increasingly frequent conflicts and misunderstandings, leading to emotional distance and disconnection. Each partner may feel unappreciated and misunderstood, fueling frustration and resentment, which perpetuates a cycle of hurt and conflict.


The Benefits Of Couples Intensive Workshops

If you're starting to have concerns in your own relationship or know couples who have gone through similar challenges, you may be aware that some have tried couples therapy with varying degrees of success. In some cases, couples therapy may be ineffective because deeply ingrained habits and wounds have been left unaddressed for too long. When the pain is less severe or couples feel they haven't strayed too far from their desired path, it can be challenging to get both partners to commit to long-term couples therapy due to the expense, time commitment, and busy schedules. 

what is relationship mapping

​With open and honest conversations, setting goals, and celebrating milestones, couples who engage in relationship mapping are investing in the tools they need to build a strong, healthy, and fulfilling partnership that can stand the test of time.


Whether you're just starting out or have been together for years, relationship mapping is a dynamic and empowering exercise that can help you build meaningful relationships and help deepen your love and commitment to one another.


Learn how your life and relationships connect.

Other couples may struggle with a lack of emotional and physical intimacy, leaving them feeling isolated and questioning the purpose of their relationship. This lack of intimacy can sometimes drive one partner to seek emotional fulfillment elsewhere, potentially leading to infidelity and affairs. To maintain meaningful relationships and overall well-being, it's crucial to pay particular attention to these issues and address them promptly.

someone making a relationship map

Without both partners being fully invested in the treatment, some couples may leave before gaining a clear understanding of the root causes of their issues.

The advantage of Relationship Mapping is that it requires only a few hours, which can be spread over a week or ten days. Couples can participate in Relationship Mapping whether they've been together for months, years, or decades, making it an accessible tool for strengthening their connection at any stage.

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About Me:

Oliver Drakeford, LMFT, CGP

oliver drakeford lmft does relationship mapping

As an authority in family systems therapy, I enjoy working with Couples, Families, and Adults. Prior to being in private practice, I was the Clinical Director of a residential treatment center specializing in Family Systems and parenting.

I am a recipient of the prestigious Donald Brown Scholarship for Group Psychotherapy, acknowledging my innovative work in this area.

My thought leadership extends to published articles in notable outlets like 'The Zoe Report' and 'Medium', I enjoy sharing insights from my practice and ideas like modern relationship mapping in various trainings and in-service work I do in Los Angeles.

The Benefits Of Relationship Mapping As A Couples Workshop

The Power of Relationship Mapping: Gaining a Holistic View

Relationship mapping and our approach offers a holistic view of the connections and interactions within a given context, allowing for a deeper understanding of the bigger picture. By creating a visualization of these relationships, you can identify patterns, strengths, and potential areas for improvement.


This comprehensive perspective facilitates better decision-making and problem-solving, as it takes into account the various factors and elements at play. Relationship mapping is a valuable tool for gaining insights into complex systems, whether in personal, professional, or organizational settings.

Adapting Relationship Maps to Your Needs

One of the key benefits of relationship mapping and this process is its adaptability to various fields and contexts. By tailoring the relationship map to your specific needs, you can create a powerful tool that reflects your unique situation. For example, in a professional setting, you can use relationship mapping to visualize your network of colleagues, clients, and industry contacts.


This can help you identify opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and career growth. In personal life, a relationship map can provide valuable insights and data into your connections, helping you strengthen existing relationships and build new ones.

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration

Relationship mapping is particularly beneficial in discovering unhealthy communication patterns. One of the main tenents of family systems theory is expanded upon by creating a visual map of the patterns within your relationship. It makes it clearer to identify the key players that influence symptoms or dysfunction.

This information can be used to optimize communication channels, facilitate knowledge sharing, and foster a more collaborative, loving environment.

Coming Soon: Mapping Personal and Professional Relationships

Relationship mapping isn't just limited to romantic partnerships; it's a seamless integration that can also be a valuable tool for business leaders looking to understand their team dynamics and who want to foster effective collaboration.

Similar to organizational charts which maps hierarchical structures, effective relationship maps create a visual representation of the key people in your team so you can gain a clearer understanding of the roles they play, who the decision makers are, the strengths your key players bring, and the areas of weak relationships where you may need to invest more time and energy.

The process of creating a relationship map for your team can help you make better business decisions as you can understand how your team interacts, the lines of influence they have.

Even the process of creating a relationship map with your team can help you make better business decisions as you can understand and see how your team interacts. The visual chart can show the lines of social influence they have within your organization or community and highlight any areas of improvement in minutes

Some of the benefits include:

  • Identify key decision makers who does the heavy lifting and the strengths of each member.

  • Understand relationship mapping and mental health initiative needs

  • Understand the data on how your team influences customer retention

  • Explore ways your team can influence revenue growth for your business.

  • Decide if key accounts or existing accounts are in the right domain.

  • Understand and analyze how your team impacts client relationships.

  • Give more power to the right team members by putting them on the right projects.

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