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Looking For A Couples Workshop? Here's Relationship Mapping

Los Angeles | West HOLLYWOOD

Imagine what you could do with a map of your relationship.


Relationship Mapping is a focused, intensive couples workshop designed to help you understand and address the core issues in your relationship and literally give you a road map to your relationship when you leave. Unlike traditional therapy, which can take months or years, our workshop delivers actionable insights and strategies over a week in just hours of your time.

We provide you with a visual map of your relationship, highlighting critical areas of strength and identifying potential problems to guide you to a happy relationship. This approach helps you and your partner see the bigger picture, understand each other's perspectives, and develop a clear plan for moving forward.


What's The Difference Between Couples Workshops And Relationship Mapping?

A couples workshop and Relationship Mapping aim to improve relationship dynamics, but they have distinct approaches and benefits. Understanding these differences can help you decide which is suitable for you and your partner by providing practical tools to enhance your relationship.

Our Relationship Mapping Workshop is all about.....

Personalized Insight: Unlike general relationship workshops, Relationship Mapping offers a tailored approach that focuses on the unique dynamics of your relationship. It involves detailed assessments and one-on-one sessions with trained therapists to create a visual map of your relationship.

In-Depth Analysis: This method dives deep into your relationship history, family background, and current interactions to provide a comprehensive understanding of your relationship's strengths and areas for improvement.

Visual Representation: The visual map created during the workshop helps you see the big picture of your relationship, making it easier to identify patterns, understand each other's perspectives, and develop targeted strategies for growth.

Flexible Scheduling: While still intensive, the sessions are spread out over a week or ten days, allowing for reflection and integration between meetings, we offer the benefit of being in-person or an online workshop too.

A Traditional Couples Workshop is more like....


General Focus: Other relationship workshops are different, and they offer a broad range of tools and techniques aimed at improving communication, managing conflict, resolving conflicts, and enhancing intimacy. You might consider them educational workshops.

Group Setting: Often conducted in group settings, other relationship workshops are great at providing opportunities to learn from other couples but sometimes lack personalized attention.

Short Duration: Typically, a couples workshop is held over a weekend or a few days, offering an intensive but brief intervention. You might hear people refer to them as a two-day workshop.

Structured Exercises: An in person two-day workshop will usually include structured activities and discussions designed to facilitate quick breakthroughs and build foundational skills.

What Can You Expect from Relationship Mapping as a Couples Workshop?

These are the four steps of our Relationship Mapping process that we guide you through to provide you with a thorough and personalized analysis of your relationship, offering valuable insights and practical solutions to enhance your connection and address any challenges.

RELATIONSHIP MAPPING (800 x 1920 px).jpg

Is a Relationship Workshop Just for Unhappy Couples?

Absolutely not!
Relationship Mapping and couples workshops are beneficial for all couples, not just those experiencing significant issues. Here's why


Proactive Growth:

Preventative Measures: Just like regular health check-ups, participating in Relationship Mapping or a workshop can help you identify and address potential issues before they become significant problems.

Strengthening Bonds: These sessions provide tools and strategies to deepen your connection, improve communication, and build a stronger foundation, making a good relationship even better. By addressing past traumas and enhancing communication, you can create more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.


Future Planning:

Shared Vision: Relationship Mapping helps couples create a shared vision for their future, setting goals and developing plans to achieve them together.

Identifying Strengths: Recognize and build on the strengths of your relationship, ensuring you're both on the same page about your aspirations and how to achieve them.


Enhancing Communication:

Improved Understanding:

Even the healthiest relationships can benefit from better communication. Our programs help you understand each other on a deeper level, fostering empathy and reducing misunderstandings.

Skill Building:

Learn new ways to express your needs and listen to your partner, skills that are valuable whether you're newly together or have been in a long-term relationship.


Crisis Prevention:

Addressing Minor Issues: Small problems can escalate if addressed. Early intervention can prevent these issues from becoming significant barriers to your happiness.

Creating Resilience: Equip yourselves with the tools to handle future challenges, making your relationship more resilient in the face of adversity.


Couples in Different Stages:

New Relationships: For new couples, relationship mapping as a couples workshop can help establish strong communication habits and mutual understanding from the start.

Long-Term Relationships: For those who have been together for years, it's an opportunity to refresh and renew your connection, addressing any lingering issues and reigniting your passion.

How Do I Know if a Relationship Mapping Workshop Is Right for Me?

We are probably a tad biased, but we think relationship mapping workshop is right for everyone! But here are some questions and scenarios to help you determine if this workshop aligns with your needs:


Would you like to feel more certain about your relationship?

If you find yourself constantly questioning where your relationship is headed or feeling uncertain about your future together, Relationship Mapping workshop can provide the clarity you need. This workshop creates a visual representation of your relationship dynamics, helping you understand where you stand and identify actionable steps to improve your connection.


Would You Like to Get a Chance to See What the Future Holds?

Even if your relationship is currently strong, it's essential to address potential issues before they escalate. Relationship Mapping acts as a preventative measure, identifying possible challenges and helping you navigate them before they become significant problems. This proactive approach ensures the long-term health and resilience of your relationship.


Are You and Your Partner Just Too Busy for a Weekend Workshop or Retreat?

For couples with demanding schedules, finding time for a traditional weekend workshop can be challenging. Relationship Mapping requires only a few hours spread over a week or ten days, making it an efficient way to work on your relationship without a long-term commitment. The flexibility of online sessions further accommodates your busy lives.


Are You and Your Partner Just Too Busy for a Weekend Workshop or Retreat?

Unlike traditional therapy, which can sometimes feel unstructured, Relationship Mapping provides a clear framework and timeline. Each session builds on the last, ensuring that progress is evident. This structured approach gives you peace of mind by offering tangible results and actionable strategies to strengthen your relationship.


Are You Curious About the Past, Might Be Impacting Your Relationship Now?

Our workshop delves into your family of origin, past relationships, and sexual orientation to provide a comprehensive understanding of how these factors influence your current dynamics. If you're curious about how your and your partner's pasts shape your relationship today, Relationship Mapping offers the insights and tools you need to explore these connections deeply.

Is This Right for Premarital Couples?

Yes, our in person workshop is an excellent choice for premarital couples and those in committed relationships. Engaging in this workshop for couples before marriage can provide valuable insights and tools to start your marriage on a strong foundation.

Relationship Mapping workshop helped premarital couples understand each other's expectations, values, and backgrounds, which is crucial for building a solid foundation. By addressing potential issues early on, you can prevent relationship distress and avoid falling into negative cycles that can lead to conflict and broken trust in the future.

This workshop is designed to enhance communication and foster a deeper connection between partners. By learning effective communication strategies, committed couples can ensure that they understand each other's needs and perspectives, laying the groundwork for a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

Additionally, Relationship Mapping Workshops help you and your partner create a shared vision for your future together. By setting goals and developing plans to achieve them, you can both work towards common objectives, strengthening your bond and commitment.

For premarital and committed couples, Relationship Mapping workshops offer a comprehensive and proactive approach to building a strong, healthy, and lasting relationship.

Who Runs This Relationship Workshop?

Oliver Drakeford, LMFT, CGP

Oliver Drakeford is a licensed therapist and certified group psychotherapist based in West Hollywood, California. With extensive experience in couples therapy and a deep understanding of family systems, Oliver has created the Relationship Mapping workshop to provide a structured and insightful approach to improving relationships.

Oliver's background includes serving as the Clinical Director of a residential treatment center specializing in family systems and parenting. He has worked with thousands of couples, helping them navigate their relationship challenges through therapy sessions and workshops. Recognized for his innovative contributions to psychotherapy, Oliver received the prestigious Donald Brown Scholarship for Group Psychotherapy.

In his Relationship Mapping workshop, Oliver uses a combination of emotionally focused therapy and principles inspired by John Gottman and Julie Gottman. This approach ensures that couples receive evidence-based, practical strategies to enhance their relationships. The workshop materials are designed to be engaging and informative, providing a supportive environment where couples can explore their dynamics and develop actionable plans for growth.

Oliver is also a thought leader in the field, contributing articles to notable outlets like The Zoe Report and Medium. He regularly shares his insights on modern relationship dynamics and the effectiveness of Relationship Mapping through various training sessions and workshops in Los Angeles. For more information about Oliver Drakeford and his practice, visit Oliver Drakeford Therapy.


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