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I specialize in helping strengthen and improve the relationships most important to you - especially the one you have with yourself.  


I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with nearly ten years of clinical experience.


I believe that life becomes the most satisfying and fulfilling when the relationships we have with our 'Self,' with 'Others,' and our 'Family' are healthy and balanced.


Most often, the issues and problems that bring people into therapy in my West Hollywood office result from imbalances and relationship problems in any of these areas that is impeding their personal growth and living a fulfilling life.

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The relationship we have with our Self is perhaps the most important relationship we have and the one we spend the least time understanding. 

I'm a trained therapist and love to work with adult clients to help improve insight and self-awareness. Understanding the unconscious processes that guide are behaviors is the first step in changing our 'Self'. 









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Relationship concerns with other people, whether they be at work, home, or in our friendship group, can have a profound and wide range of impacts on us. 

We are wired for connection and simultaneously have a desire to be autonomous. This creates many conflicts in our romantic relationships.


Healthy relationships can impact our own mental health and professional well-being in profound ways.

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The relationship we have with our caregivers profoundly impacts the way we think, feel, and behave.


I am an experienced family systems therapist and was the Clinical Director of a residential treatment center specializing in family systems therapy. I've worked with hundreds of families over the last ten years and have helped parents of teens and tweens dealing with a wide range of problems including:




About half of my practice is spent providing mental and behavioral health care and counseling to adults  who need help in individual therapy. I see people of all ages, from young adults to parents of teens and older, from a diverse range of backgrounds and identities. My clients tend to stay with me for treatment after meeting me because they are looking for a safe space to navigate difficult times. I strive to create a supportive, non judgmental environment to establish a strong therapeutic relationship so that we can explore new ways of understanding your individual needs. This collaborative approach to understanding my clients is a big factor in giving a great experience to the people I work with.


Since training at the esteemed Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills, I have enhanced my knowledge with a Los Angeles Institute and Association for Psychoanalytic Studies (LAISPS) certification. I strive to constantly enhance my therapeutic approach by using contemporary influences, from Mentalization Based Training to traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to create a therapeutic environment that will best help people struggling with mental health together with professionals to change an aspect of their life. 


I love to help people with talk therapy and in-person sessions in my office on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, and I also offer online therapy for people in California and Los Angeles. I can provide referrals to a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist and services such as EMDR and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Self Esteem

  • Communication

  • Trauma 

  • Relationship Difficulties


As a licensed therapist, I've worked with hundreds of couples and families over the decade. I love to provide marriage counseling to couples and relationship-oriented services and work from a Family Systems perspective. Couples therapy is for all types of relationships and can help guide you and your partner toward making lasting, positive changes. If you are experiencing hard times in your relationship, then our work will identify a specific area or areas of concern you have. In the supportive space I offer, we can identify necessary changes that need to be made to help you both create the authentic relationships you want.


Couples & Relationship Counseling in Los Angeles and West Hollywood tackles many of the same issues as those living elsewhere needing help with anything from communication and coping skills to conflict management. With that said the pace and demands of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills often seem to strain some relationship issues. Couples work with me might also take into consideration the added stress of recent strikes and COVID-19 because there are many reasons for added life challenges and negative feelings in a relationship.


Here are some common issues and problems I see in couples or marriage therapy, and I offer in-person mental health care sessions in West Hollywood and online therapy or telehealth services.


  • Anger and resentment in a partner

  • Depression in a partner

  • Communication Issues

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Constant arguments and fighting

  • Low-sex or no sex

  • Infidelity

  • Loss of trust

  • Difficulty In Communication

  • Emotional Distance

  • Inability to commit

  • Constant blame

  • Inability to forgive

  • Gay Couples Therapy Los Angeles / West Hollywood


The relationship we have with our caregivers profoundly impacts our mental health, the way we think, feel, and behave. The connectedness and reactivity we sometimes have in our home system make the functioning of family members interdependent. This type of counseling can help you and your loved one to improve communication, reduce conflict and to generate moments of authentic connection and closeness. In-person sessions are available in the West Hollywood area... and there's plenty of evidence that this form of therapy works!




I love working with same-sex parents or families that identify as LGBTQ+ and understand some of the specific strains that go on inside families. I specialize in helping parents learn essential skills and understand more about family dynamics and parenting styles. I'd love to talk more if you're considering finding family therapists in West Hollywood or LA area.

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My Office


I provide individual in-person therapy in my office in West Hollywood CA, on Santa Monica Blvd, and can also provide online therapy for couples, adults and families. If you think you may need help with mental health issues or even help to find a different therapist in West Hollywood, I'll happily provide alternative names and numbers for you to use.

Oliver Drakeford LMFT CGP

About Me


British-born Oliver Drakeford is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Certified Group Psychotherapist in the West Hollywood / Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles. He has extensive clinical experience providing services to adolescents and adults individually, as well as providing family counseling and group therapy.

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Oliver Drakeford began his career as a mental health professional working with adolescents as a psychotherapist in residential settings, Beverly Hills High School, and The Maple Counseling Center. His therapeutic approach is deeply influenced by his passion for psychodynamic theory, a spark ignited during his master's studies in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University. Following his graduation, Oliver set up in West Hollywood and further honed his skills with year-long certifications from the Los Angeles Institute and Association for Psychoanalytic Studies (LAISPS) and the Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (ICP).


In addition to his private practice in West Hollywood, Oliver imparts his knowledge as a Group Process instructor at Antioch University in LA, and in trainings in West Hollywood CA. He also provides consultations and training in group and systems therapy. His role as Clinical Director at an adolescent substance abuse treatment center in Malibu for over three years allowed him to develop a family systems-focused approach and evidence-based therapy, enhancing connections and strengthening relationships among teens, particularly those with personality disorders and their parents.


In 2017, Oliver was honored with the Donald T. Brown Memorial Scholarship Award for group Psychotherapy from The Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health. He continues to expand his expertise in Modern Group Analytic theory at the Center for Group Studies in New York and serves on the Board of Directors for the Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles (GPALA). As a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP), Oliver meets the national criteria for education, training, and experience in group psychotherapy. He is a trained therapist and is a Gottman Level One Certified Couples Therapist and enjoys helping individuals improve relationships.


Oliver's passion extends to running various groups, especially multi-family support groups, and he specializes in working with families with LGBTQ-identifying teens. He is adept in family systems therapy, supervising new therapists, and conducting training sessions. Oliver is open for consultations and supervision outside his practice and enjoys teaching, presenting, and humorously sharing "Oliver's Theory Of Everything" with fellow family therapists and social workers.


Located in the heart of West Hollywood CA, on Santa Monica Boulevard, Oliver's office offers both online and in-person therapy for family counseling and couples therapy. If you are seeking a counselor clinical social worker or therapist, Oliver encourages you to reach out if you're concerned about finding the right therapist and will provide support on the consultation call to explore your goals and discover how therapy can aid in addressing your unique needs.

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